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Fireproof Gun Safe - Don't Ignore this Feature In Choosing Safes

A fireproof gun safe is vital if you live in an area with a high risk of fire. Even if you are right next to the fire station, there is always that chance that a fire could break out and expand rapidly, and therefore getting a safe that protects your gun from a blaze is significant.


Each gun safe will come with a fire rating, explaining how high of temperatures it can handle in the event of a fire and also for how long. Obviously the higher, the better for each number. You can find these ratings online very quickly.


When it comes to fire grades, these are really the only two numbers that matter. Let's say for instance, the Stack On 45 Gun Safe is one of the more fireproof gun safes on the market, and it's able to endure a half hour at temperatures of as much as fourteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit.


This is certainly enough to overcome most blazes, in fact, all but the most severe. It also is adequate to protect the gun safe from robbers and water damage, and if you are looking for a fireproof safe, this is one of your better options. This one retails at anywhere from 1600 to just over two grand.


While it's not one of the cheaper safes around, it is one of the more fire-resistant safes on the market. After all, why spend any money on a safe if it's not going to do its job, right?


Remington Sportsman Twenty Fire Proof Gun Safe is another excellent safes that are fireproof. This one can withstand a fire of twelve hundred degrees for as long as a half hour, still more than adequate to do the job in most instances.


Furthermore, this one is able to hold up to 22 guns and is another one worthy of your own consideration. It is a bit cheaper than the other model as well, selling for twelve hundred or so dollars, so you have to determine if the slightly higher risk of fire damage, warrants that savings.


What it all comes down to is that a fireproof gun safe is a very wise investment to protect your precious gun and Fire resistant gun safes and other valuables from fire. Many people don't even think about the fire protection aspect, but the truth is it's one of the several important points you should look for.

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